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CareCalls helps vulnerable individuals remember to do important things, like taking medication. CareCalls does this by calling them throughout the day and, if they answer, playing them a personalised reminder or check-in. If they don't answer we can inform family members or carers.In this way, we are helping vulnerable individuals to remain independent for longer and bringing peace of mind to the family and professionals supporting them. Our users include those with early-stage dementia, Diabetes, Parkinson's, brain damage and learning disabilities. We have helped over 2000 people, delivered over 700,000 calls and saved over £1.5 million saved for public sector.


  • Over 2000 people helped.
  • Over 700,000 calls delivered.
  • Worked with 15+ organizations supporting older and vulnerable people
  • Estimated saving of over £1.5 Million for the largest public sector client.

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Max Pownall - CEO

Max Pownall runs CareCalls, a business that helps older and vulnerable people to remember important things, as well as helping them to be safe at home. Max initially studied music at the Royal welsh college in Cardiff. After graduating Max moved to Bristol and started designing and developing websites for a living, this soon developed into a small agency offering marketing solutions for other startups. Max’s interest in social innovation began when, he met his business partner Jamie and they began work on CareCalls.

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