What is CareCalls?

CareCalls helps vulnerable people remember to do important things like taking medication. It does this by delivering reminders and check-ins via landline or mobile. When a call is answered we play a message reminding the listener to do important tasks, such as taking medication. If they don’t answer the phone at any time, other people may receive an alert by text, phone or email.

Why have I got an alert?

  1. Someone (if you received the alert by text or email their name will be mentioned) is now receiving the above mentioned reminder / check-in calls.
  2. Said someone has not responded to a call (we try twice, normally ten minutes apart).
  3. Our system has automatically contacted you to alert you that there may be an issue and that you may wish to check in on said someone.

If you have just got an alert, we recommend you now get in touch with said someone to check that they are ok. 

Who set the call up?

The call will have been set up by one of the following people:

  1. A public servant / care worker who has assessed them / works with them.
  2. A personal relation e.g family or friend of the call receiver.
  3. The person receiving the reminder / check-in set it up for themselves.

During the set up process they will have provided your contact detail, in order that it be contacted in the case that they do not respond to a call.

Can I turn off the alerts or send them to a different contact detail?

Yes, the alerts have been set up to ensure the wellbeing of the person receiving the reminder / check-in so please consider carefully before removing all alerts. You can email us at support@carecalls.co.uk and we will remove the alerts.

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