This article provides information for those operating or managing a care-related business or public body who are interested in providing CareCalls to customers/clients.

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  1. Companies & public bodies able to use CareCalls
  2. Benefits of CareCalls to stakeholders
  3. Potential arrangements with CareCalls

Companies and public bodies able to use CareCalls

CareCalls is used by:

  • Public sector bodies who are looking to maintain constituents wellbeing, reduce hospital visits, reduce financial pressures on adult social services & local NHS, and meet targets.
  • Pharmaceutical companies running medical trials so needing to prompt and monitor participants for the duration of the trial.
  • Home care and assisted communities wanting to reduce pressures on staff and
    add value to their customers.
  • Pharmacies & shops wishing to offer useful and relevant services alongside prescriptions and products.

Benefits of CareCalls to stakeholders

For care professionals such as social workers, occupational therapists, hospital staff e.t.c

  • Reduced stress - No more driving miles or making manual phone calls just to check someone has taken medication or locked the door.
  • Easy to set up - Calls can be up and running in less than 10 minutes, no extensive paperwork or procurement due to an inexpensive and dynamic service, our online or phone service makes it easy for you to set up calls while on the job.
  • Remote - Can be set up anywhere, anytime, for anyone.
  • Out of hours support available - Customer service provided outside of working hours for late-shift workers.

For management

  • Save money - We have saved over £1m for our largest client by reducing the amount of unnecessary social worker interactions. This does not factor the potential money saved from reduced hospital visits.
  • Low risk - CareCalls maintains strict data security and failsafe systems that mean data is protected and calls are always delivered.
  • Easy to implement - No additional infrastructure required, calls are easy to explain and simple to set up. We provide everything you need to get staff on board.
  • Reports - Complete transparency with individual and aggregate reports.

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