This article answers all questions regarding the what, how and when of paying for CareCalls, it includes:

  1. Cost of CareCalls
  2. Trial period
  3. Payment responsibility
  4. How and when to set up a payment method
  5. Available payment methods
  6. Cancellations
  7. Providing CareCalls via a company or public body

Cost of CareCalls

After the 1 month free trial CareCalls cost £12 per month (including VAT).

This includes as many CareCalls as are needed 24/7. This is the only cost for CareCalls and there are no additional add-ons or hidden costs.

Trial period

Once a call is created, there will be a one month trial period in which the call receiver and anyone assisting them can see how well CareCalls works for them. It is common during this period for small edits to be made in order to improve the effectiveness of the call. See more about improving CareCalls effectiveness here.

Calls will start from the ‘Call start date’ indicated during set up (as opposed to the date on which the calls were set up).

Payment responsibility

We appreciate that the person setting up the CareCall may not be the person responsible for paying for them. In order to address this we enable the person setting up the CareCall to indicate ‘payment responsibility’ during the setup process. If you indicate that someone other than yourself is responsible for setting up the call, we will contact them during the one month free trial. See more about setting up a CareCall here.

How and when to set up a payment method

During the trial period, we will send emails to the person responsible for setting up a payment method. These emails link to our secure payment gateway. They can be forwarded on to the required person. If the person responsible for setting up the payment does not have an email, we will phone them.

The payment method will not be charged until the end of the one-month free trial, if the calls are cancelled before this time then no payment will be taken.

Available payment methods

  1. Credit / Debit card - required details are: Name on card, email, long card number, expiry date, 3 digit CVC on back, address (associated with bank account).
  2. Calls may also be paid for via an invoice/ bank transfer. This is reserved for calls that are funded via a home care agency, solicitor or any other third party given responsibility/power of attorney. You will need to contact CareCalls if this is required.

You can read payment terms and conditions here


Each month is changed in advance so if a call is cancelled no further payments will be taken.

Providing CareCalls via a company or public body

We also work with companies or local councils who wish to provide Carecalls as a service to their customers. You can read more about accounts and white-labels here.

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