Below is a summary of all of the key features of CareCalls, along with links to articles that explain that feature in more detail.

  • As many calls as are needed 24/7.
  • Personalised messages can instruct precisely what needs to be done at each point throughout the day. Learn more.
  • Personalised messages can be recorded by a loved one, or a member of CareCalls. Learn more.
  • Up to 3 alerts can go out if a call is not answered after a couple of attempts, alerts can be received by text, phone or email. Learn more.
  • Time between attempted calls is 10 minutes by default but can be extended or shorted.
  • Ring time is set to 20 seconds by default, we can shorten or extend this as desired.
  • 9am - 9pm Customer service.
  • Easy to pause, edit or cancel calls. Learn more.
  • Comes with a 1 month free trial after which CareCalls is £12 a month. Learn more.

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