CareCalls helps those who are forgetting to do important things or are at risk of an accident within their home.

People using CareCalls include:

  • Those with poor memory, memory loss or a brain injury.
  • Those who are elderly or frail.
  • Those with disabilities including Down’s Syndrome, Angelmans, Autism, Aspergers.
  • Those with physical disabilities.
  • Those with conditions including Anxiety, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Cancer, Agoraphobia, Hoarders.
  • Those on dialysis.
  • Those recovering after a hospital visit.

CareCalls is very helpful for the earlier stages of Care, where independence is still a priority. It is perfect if people:

  • Want to be independent but are struggling to maintain this due to poor memory.
  • May have a carer family member helping with more demanding tasks, but are able to do certain things themselves. Want to avoid letting the carer do everything.
  • Proactively want to take medication / perform given tasks, and are able to do so following a call.

However, Carecalls won’t help if they are:

  • Not proactive or lucid enough to take medication following a call.
  • Lonely and are in need of human interaction.

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