Step 1

Each time someone needs a check-in / reminder, they receive a phone call. They can receive as many calls as they need throughout the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive the call on a landline or mobile phone.

Step 2

When answering the phone the call receiver can hear one of the following:

  • One of our pre-set messages ‘Remember to take your medication’ or ‘Just checking in to see you are ok.
  • A personalised message recorded by the CareCalls team e.g ‘Hello Brian, this is a reminder to take your morning medication’.
  • A personalised message, recorded by a familiar voice e.g ‘Hey dad, just calling to remind you to take your nine o’clock insulin’.

The call receiver can hear different messages for different times of day. Learn more about recording personalised messages here.

Step 3

After hearing the reminder, they will be asked to acknowledge the call by pressing any number button on the phone

Step 4

If they do not answer, CareCalls will wait 10 minutes then call again. If there is no answer to the second call then up to 3 people can be informed by text, phone call or email. Learn more about alerts here.


Receive an example call - or - Create a CareCall now

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